Model for capacity of 80 kg and 125 kg of flour.

Tecnical settings

The kneading (spiral) transmission is very robust, stainless steel and this is done by means of a gear reducer, thus avoiding the effort to the transmission by belts, with the subsequent duration of these.

the tray is stainless steel with a very robust clamping plate and a back plate to the subject a group of drag.

Control Panel with electronic programmers; all electrical maneuvers are carried out 24 v in accordance with the European regulations.

All elements in contact with the dough are made in stainless steel.

In accordance with the legislation in force protection grid

Prepared for if it were convenient to make it tilting, overturning would be driven by a very robust cylinder hydraulic group, also this would be fitted with a device in the lifting and lowering of the whole of the Kneader, which completely avoids the possibility of accident and which conforms to European safety standards.

dough mixer arms

Model for capacity of 80 kg and 125 kg of flour.

Tecnical settings:

  • Bowl of stainless steel with a robust clamping plate and completely unbreakable steel arms.
  • Fully automatic with electronic control panel equipped with start / stop push button, push button emergency and stop buttons of time preamasado and kneading
  • Protective grille that to upload it automatically switches off the mixer.
  • Equipped in accordance with the legislation in force with regard to the rules of safety at work

All the mixers of our manufacture, together with all its elements, are prepared for, if it is convenient to make them tilting; overturn would be driven by a very robust cylinder hydraulic group, also this would be fitted with a device in the lifting and lowering of the whole of the Kneader, which conforms to European safety standards.


  • Essential for making soft dough specialties and fermented
  • It is divided without causing any alteration in the mass. It is the only one in the market which absorbs more amount of dough for the portion greater and lesser amount to the bottom. With all this system we have managed to increase the quality of the piece.

Tecnical settngs:

  • 1. manufacturing with high quality materials, thus increasing its performance and life
  • 2. Compact, accurate, and reliable
  • Automatic weight change
  • electronic programmer, digital parts counter
  • drying of the canvas by air turbine or flour Duster with gear motor
  • comfortable and affordable way to handle, mounted on 4 castors are lockable
  • easy to clean with its removable drawer of flour
  • Bender weight optional gathering two pieces
  • protective grid and emergency stop safety device in accordance with the European standards of safety at work

He is manufactured in 3 models of hopper according to needs: hopper of 50, 100 and 150 kg mass.

And in two varieties as the weight of the pieces:

  • divided 50 to 800 GRS per serving: O 110
  • divided from 120 to 1100 grams per serving: 120 or

industrial divider

  • Industrial weighing machine for big production
  • Minimum punishment for mass
  • It optima warm obtained piece

Technical characteristics:

  • Hopper's great capacity for 180 kg mass
  • Automatic weight change
  • electronic control programmer
  • canvas evacuate air drying
  • comfortable and affordable way to manipulate
  • all its mechanisms are autolubrificados, so its performance is optimum and does not require cleaning
  • protective grille in stainless and compliance with safety device European of safety at work.

Cilindrical Rounding

It is the most perfect henidora of the market. Hiñe portions of dough percentages ranging from the 50 to 70% of water.

Tecnical settings:

  • reduced dimensions 60 x 60 cm
  • Not pilf the masses
  • does not require flour, thanks to its system of air
  • It rounds pieces 40 GR to 2000 GR

It is manufactured in several models according to the henido who want to piece and in different versions depending on the finish desired for the machine:


  • Model of 2 floors, height 1.35 m
  • Tour of the piece 3m


  • Model of 3 floors, height 1,61 m
  • Tour of the piece 4,5 m.


  • Model of 4 floors, height 1,86 m
  • Tour of the piece 6 m.


  • - Model of 4 floors, height 2,11 cm
  • - Tour of the piece 7,5 m.

All these models can be manufactured with cylinder and teflon-coated blades and also with the structure in iron finished in white paint and chrome steel cylinder hard or with stainless steel structure.


Simple use, high productivity, and their sturdy construction, give the henidora band, our HENIDORA of bands give a very high quality in any Bakery Workshop

Our Rounders have been designed with a wide range of regulations in the various portions of dough

It is a machine perfectly adapted for the manufacture of soft and semi-soft masses. It is produced in different versions according to preferences and needs-based elements. Iron frame with industrial paint white or stainless steel frame finish

With or without variable speed by means of an electronic speed controller model 140 cm of length standard and special 180 cm

various optional elements such as:

  • Adjustable flour Duster
  • Parts Bender
  • Tray bottom collector extractable for easy cleaning


This machine is manufactured in three molelos, each differentiated on the output or pick up the pieces

  • Model A: Collection tray
  • Model B: Pick up on conveyor belt
  • Model C: Pick up in channel to load camera

Bar forming of double-travel

· Ruedas giratorias para su fácil desplazamiento.

· Ribbon folding collection in order to reduce the space once the job has completed.

·Grid protection roller, with automatic stop.

·Machine double course, adapting perfectly to any type of dough and working system, either for small bakeries and manual work, or tillage train, so it incorporates, series, a centering plane with roller prelaminating to facilitate the entrance of rollers, by means of a user-friendly system.

Tecnical settings

  • Dimensions mm
  • Total length 2.290
  • Total width 880
  • High Total 1.210
  • Height ribbon input 1.100
  • Height ribbon output 810
  • Wide tape output 600
  • Power 0.75 Kw
  • Voltage 230 / 400 V.
  • Frecuency 50 / 60 Hz.
  • weight 300 Kg.

Bar forming of double-travel

Characteristics identical to the previous one much robustness and elements, we manufacture also the trainer of bars with cutting of bars; ideal machine to split the bar into two, three, or four parts, so that at the same time we are increasing production. Also and if you wish you can choose to cut or not the ends of rods.


Built with 1st quality materials, the type proofer L is a highly secure machine that adapts to all bakeries and bakery chains all desired:

  • Article reversible buckets of loading and unloading with the consequent advantage of airy and dry
  • electronic control for the charge and discharge avoiding parts are kinked in the bars forming
  • very robust and coupling of bearings in all the elements of drawing
  • Control Panel control panel through a programmer (PLC), which are scheduled times and maneuvers that you wish to
  • Model 300 Extensible useful parts to 500 standard only apply a 50 cm wide, or 700 bags module, using a module of 1 m.
  • they can be served with pitchers to 800 grs parts and also parts of 1300 g


To meet the needs of many bakeries for bakery, RAIMAR has created camera static rest Cabinet.

Among its many features, we have to highlight the following characteristics:

  • reduced dimensions, such as the of a common, and also portable wardrobe; to be mounted on 4 castors
  • its useful capacity is 300 pieces of 700 grams
  • the entrance of the portions of dough are controlled by an automatic charger and a controller, that does not allow to enter more than one serving of bag
  • output of portions of dough of the camera and subsequent delivery to the trainer are also controlled and delivered to the forming of one by one, being impossible to the be delivered two at a time
  • the movement of the article buckets that carry the bags is done vertically, avoiding big rods on the road
  • individual and reversible bags, i.e. that load portions of dough each time for an opposite side of bag, which prevents moisture in the article buckets cloth
  • easy Assembly and disassembly, and with three drawers removable for collecting dust


  • Loading and unloading automatic and accurate.
  • Suitable for all types of masses and especially for the well hydrated (up to 80%).
  • Weight range: from 40 Gr. to 700 Gr.
  • For pieces up to 1200 grams.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Possibility of charging left-right, so front as rear.
modeloCapac.DIMENSIONS (mm)Potencia
CTZ-100 100 990540250010200,5 HP
CTZ-125 125 1130540250010200,5 HP
CTZ-150 150 1270540250010200,5 HP
CTZ-205 205 1550540250010200,5 HP
CTZ-280 280 1970540250010200,5 HP


Fully automatic, easy installation and use, incorporates digital thermometer for the indication of water tempatura

Installation of electronic part and part plumbing completely separate

Tecnical settins

  • 2-digit electronic selector
  • Bright screen
  • Repeat the marked quantity by simply pressing the corresponding button
  • equipped with a valve 230 v, with passage of ¾ "from 0 to 10 atmospheres, with filter